About Us
We offer coworking and networking services, in an effort to meet our clients’ needs for a modern, unconventional, social work space.
This HUB’s vision is to be an innovation and social cohesion catalyst for the city of Sibiu. Through this HUB and its development activities, we wish to become the single-most important point of convergence for all professionals, either from or outside Sibiu, regardless of their professional development level. From expats and students, to freelancers and well-established businessmen, everyone is welcomed.
Our mission is to create a community that finds strength in the diversity of its experience and unity in its direction. We aim to forge a conscientious group of people that can influence the professional scene in Sibiu on a tangible level.
Our goal is to build a robust network between individuals within Sibiu’s organizational environment. Whether they’re from a private, public or NGO background, we want to bring people together, and the only way to achieve this is by creating powerful professional and personal connections.

Str. Somesului nr.3 ap.3
Sibiu, Romania
M: +40 774 698 739