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Our clients are always looking to improve their professional knowledge, which is why we’re always ready to help them out, by facilitating round tables, workshops and professional certification training sessions.
By keeping our clients informed of the latest trends in their area of expertise, we ensure they keep abreast of their competitors; in addition to this, by including a premium certification, we offer them the opportunity of gaining a competitive edge alongside the already-existing advantage of participating in knowledge-sharing.
Given our collaboration with The KPI Institute, a high-profile business management institution within Sibiu that has long become an internationally-acclaimed organization when it comes to professional certifications, we are always able to schedule upon request any of the following courses: Strategy and Business Planning Professional, KPI Professional and Practitioner, Certified Performance Management Professional, Employee Performance Management Professional, Benchmarking Professional, Data Analysis Professional, Data Visualization Professional, Customer Service Performance Professional, Personal Performance Professional and many more.

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