Welcome to TKI HUB Sibiu!

TKI HUB represents a place of growth & inspiration, which offers you access to an integrated system of resources.

Our clients benefit from a series of key services that are designed to aid their personal and/or professional development, based on their needs, providing them with the opportunity of joining a professional community birthed from within the HUB.

What is TKI HUB good for?







Our People/Clients

We facilitate long-term, strong, professional relationships, between different social groups regardless of their professional status. Whether you’re a student, a freelancer, a businessman at the local, regional, national or international level, we have a spot for you.

Our Subscriptions

Our subscription services are flexible, according to each client’s needs. You may choose any offer from our six subscription programmes, or let us know whether you’d like to receive a customized plan, based on your specifications.

Our Services

We offer modern working spaces, fully equipped with the latest and greatest in tech. In addition to these facilities, we also provide an efficient ideation center, capable of generating new networks and a unique user experience.


Str. Somesului nr.3 ap.3
Sibiu, Romania
M: +40 774 698 739