Our People
Freelancers may use our hub to interact with professionals from either their main area of interest or from complimentary specializations, in order to improve their own products/services, exchange knowledge or establish a network.
Students who seek to nurture their ideas may find that TKI HUB is an excellent growth centre. Find experts, practitioners, professionals, entrepreneurs or freelancers with similar interests to your own and share in their knowledge.
NGOs from Sibiu may offer their local and international members & volunteers a stimulating, creative, motivating environment, fully equipped with modern communication technology.
SMEs from Sibiu may make use of this shared working space in order to reduce fixed costs, during the period in which they are still finalizing their products and growth plans.
Multinational companies that specialize in tech, fintech or e-commerce and operate on the national or international level can use TKI HUB as an aswer for headquarters demands. Moreover, these very same multinational companies can look at TKI HUB as an alternative employee growth centre, whereby their staff members get involved in informal training, innovation, networking or collaboration programmes.
Large-scale commercial enterprises can utilize TKI HUB as a temporary HQ alternative upon increasing their operations, without having to compromise the quality of their work environment or employee satisfaction.

Str. Somesului nr.3 ap.3
Sibiu, Romania
M: +40 774 698 739