Individual Access

Provides access to a work station under co-working sub benefits, as well as entry to the recreational area.

1 ora 8 ora 20 ore 40 ore 80 ore full time
25 ron 40 ron 90 ron 170 ron 300 ron 600 ron
Individual Access
Business Access
Office Access (up to 12 desks)

Rents out private office space, for maximum of 12 people

1 ora 8 ora 40 ore full time
150 ron 200 ron 350 ron 1000 ron
Video recording studio

Provides entry to the filming studio, fully equipped with green screen, cameras, lights and mini teleprompter

1 ora 8 ora
200 ron 300 ron
Workshop / Focus-group / Free time room

Asigura accesul la sala de workshop, care poate fi utilizata pentru sesiuni de brainstorming, focus-grupuri sau pentru discutii informale, pentru un numar de 15 persoane, sala dotata cu flipchart, tabla magnetica, videoproiector si pointer. Provides entry to the workshop room, which may be used for brainstorming sessions, focus groups or informal meetings, for maximum 15 people. Room is furnished with flipchart, magnetic board, video projector and pointer.

1 ora 8 ora 16 ore 24 ore
120 ron 200 ron 400 ron 600 ron
Meeting room

Provides entry to the meeting/training room for maximum of 20 people. Room is furnished with interactive board, video projector and pointer.

1 ora 8 ora 16 ore 24 ore
180 ron 250 ron 450 ron 700 ron
Full access

Rents out private office space for maximum 12 people, provides entry to the meeting room, workshop room and recreational area.

8 ore 20 ora 40 ore 80 ore full time
500 ron 1000 ron 1500 ron 1800 ron 2200 ron
Bussiness Access

*Equipment offered for any type of subscription:monitor for each work space, wifi, colour printer, scanner, xerox machine, water, coffee, tea.


Str. Somesului nr.3 ap.3
Sibiu, Romania
M: +40 774 698 739